Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I request for a tutor?

You can request for a tutor via the following methods:
1) calling us up directly with the number displayed on the front page.
2) submitting our online request form

Upon receiving your request, we will call you within 2 working days. An arrangement will then be made on the commencement of the tuition with a suitable tutor.

When will the first lesson start after I have sent in my request?

Typically the first lesson will commerce within a week.

Am I able to view the tutor’s certificates to verify his qualifications?

You can read a tutor’s qualification details on his profile page prior to assignment. Upon successful assignment of a tutor to you, you can request for the tutor to present hardcopies of his certificates and documentations to you on the first lesson.

How much do I pay for your tutor matching services?

You do not need to pay extra fees for Guides Tuition’s referral services.

Upon successful assignment of tutors, the agency will collect the tuition fees for the first 2 weeks from you as commission. This amount is payable 2 weeks after a successful assignment of tutor.

How will the agency collect fee from me?

We will collect the first half month’s fee as commission from you. Two weeks after the commencement of the tuition, you will receive an invoice from us. This invoice contains the assignment details and we will guide you on the mode of payment.

We provide 3 modes of payment as shown below:
1) Cheque payment
2) ATM transfer
3) Payment by Internet Banking

The tutors are not authorized to collect the commission fees on Guides Tuition’s behalf.

Can I change the tutor after the tuition begins?

After the first lesson, the tutor is subjected to your acceptance or rejection. We will contact you to garner your feedback after the end of the first lesson.

If you find the tutor to be unsuitable after the first lesson, we will change the tutor for you.

Fees will be charged based on the number of lessons taught. You do not need to fulfill certain minimum amount of lessons.

What happens on the first tuition lesson?

The tutor is expected to report punctually to the agreed tuition location. Upon request, tutors can be asked to present his certificates and relevant documentations to you to verify his qualifications.

How much is it to register for a tutor account?

Registration is free, and there will be no fees charged on creating a tutor account with us.

What are the registration requirements?

The minimum requirements are detailed below:

- You must be of 18 years of age and above.

- You need to be a Singaporean, Permanent Resident or a Foreigner holding a student pass or work permit.

- You must be residing in Singapore.

What do I do after I have signed up for a tutor account?

After you have successfully registered a tutor account with Guides Tuition, you can log in (with your registered email and password) to access your Tutor Account Pages by clicking on the “Manage My Account” link above the navigation panel.

You will be brought to your profile page which will be empty at first. You may then fill in the relevant information about yourself using the labeled grey tabs on the same page.

How do I upload my documents or certificates for my tutor account?

In your Tutor Account Pages, click on the “Certificates Upload” tab. You will be taken to the file upload page where you can upload your documentations using the provided interface.
You should indicate the level and institution to which your uploaded documentation relates to. Uploaded documentations will usually be verified by our coordinators within 2 working days.

How do I display my picture in my profile?

In your Tutor Account Pages, click on the “Profile Photo” tab. Using the interface provided, you can choose to delete your current photo or upload a new photo.

Photos should meet the following condition if you wish to adjust it yourself.
1. The size should be 140px (width) by 180px (height)
2. It should be bright enough
3. We should be able to see your face clearly
4. The uploaded photo should be no bigger than 4 MB.

A photo cropping interface is provided for you on the same page to crop photos to the ideal dimensions. Guides Tuition reserves the right to adjust your photo or perform cropping of your uploaded pictures for a better display of the tutor’s picture.

Note also that your profile photo will only be visible to yourself and not made public, until the photo has been approved by Guides Tuitions’ coordinators. This is to ensure that no misleading photos of inappropriate content are uploaded.

How do I know if I have been accepted for a tuition assignment?

In the event that you have been accepted for an assignment, we will call you up to inform and discuss the terms with you. You can choose to reject the assignment if you wish.

After the first lesson, we will call you up to confirm if the client wishes for you to continue your tutoring service.

What if I am unable to make it for a tuition assignment’s first lesson?

Under such scenarios, it is your responsibility to inform Guides Tuition of your absence at least 3 days in advance. You should also provide a proper reason, such as a medical certificate, for your inability to conduct the first lesson.

First impression counts a lot, and we highly encourage our tutors to try their best to make it punctually for their first lessons.

Do I receive payment for the first tuition lesson conducted?

You are entitled to payment for the first tuition lesson conducted, unless the client is not satisfied by your services. Such scenarios will usually be evaluated on a case by case basis.

What happen after I accepted an assignment?

You will be informed of the venue, date and time for the tutoring assignment. You are to report punctually for the assignment. As the clients may request to view your qualifications, you are advised to bring along your qualification certificates and documentations.

For each assignment, Guides Tuition will take a one-time commission from the assignment equal to the full tuition fees for half the number of lessons agreed per month from the client. Commission is taken for the first month only. Tutor may collect payment for subsequent lessons.

It is to be noted that the first lesson is a trial lesson. If the client is unsatisfied with the tutor’s performance after the first lesson, no compensation will be made to the tutor, unless otherwise informed. Such scenarios are usually evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How does your qualifications verification system work?

Part of your profile requires you to fill in your qualification information, such as your grades and schools attended. There is also a “Certificates Upload” tab for you to upload soft copies of your certificates and documentations to support and prove whatever you have claimed under the qualifications section.

Tutors will only be verified if they have uploaded adequate documentations to support whatever they have written for their qualifications. The verification will be done on a case-by-case basis by Guides Tuition’s coordinators. Individual uploaded documents which have been successfully used for verification by Guides Tuition will be reflected in your Tutor Account Pages within the “Certificates Upload” section.

In order to keep our information as accurate as possible, verified tutors will have their verified status temporarily removed whenever they resubmit their profile information, or whenever they upload or delete a file. The verified status will be returned upon re-verification by our coordinators.

What if I wish to teach subjects outside the ones offered by Guides Tuition?

We only handle tutor matching services for subjects which are displayed on your Tutor Account Pages. You can suggest additional subjects outside the ones offered by writing in to us via our contact form .

These subjects, however, will usually not be included or allowed unless there are multiple requests or demands by many.

Why isn’t my picture showing after I have uploaded it?

Check that the photo is indeed successfully uploaded and is displayed on your “Profile Photo” page. Also ensure that no error messages are shown after you uploaded your photos.

For best results, uploaded photos should be of the JPEG or JPG extension.

Note also that your profile photo will only be visible to yourself and not made public, until the photo has been approved by our coordinators. This is to ensure that no misleading photos of inappropriate content are uploaded.

If the problem persists, please contact us via the contact form .

Are there any requirements for my uploaded certificates?

We maintain a strict policy of verifying all uploaded certificates. In order for your certifications to be accepted and verified,

Please Ensure that:

1) Your Name is displayed clearly.
2) Your School Emblem and School Name is clearly presented.
3) Any authorized Signatures on the Certificates should be clearly presented.
4) All text must be legible.
5) Uploaded Documents should preferably have been scanned, as photograpahed images may be blurred.
6) The certificates should be scanned fully, and not cropped. We do not accept partial certificates.

Please understand that your profile will be shown to clients requesting your services, and your qualification certifications may play a big role in their decision making. Therefore, the certificates you uploaded should preferably be related to the subjects you are teaching.

We will not distribute your certificates to ANYONE unless you have approved it.

Are there any requirements for my uploaded photo?

The photo you upload should be a clear and accurate respresentation of yourself.

Your photo should show your face fully, and be bright enough for display.

Pixellated or blurred pictures will not be approved.

We may crop your photo for a better representation as deemed fit.

When will I get a tuition job assignment?

We do not guarantee you a tuition assignment even after registering a tutor account. Job assignments are based on the level of demand, and the requirements which the client have specified.

Verified tutors generally have a higher priority in receiving tuition assignments. To improve your priority in receiving tuition assignments, you are encouraged to fill in your qualifications section accurately and upload adequate documentations to support your qualification claims.

How much commission is payable to the agency?

The first half month’s fee will be charged as commission from tutors. Payment will be directly collected from the clients two weeks after the commencement of the tuition.

If the clients cancelled the assignment due to poor tutor performance after the first lesson, the tutor will not receive any payment from the assignment. Guides Tuition will also not collect commission on this lesson.